11 Ways To Keep Your Teeth and Gum Healthy

by Kim Sian on Jan 28, 2022

11 Ways To Keep Your Teeth and Gum Healthy

You must have heard from people that you have got nice teeth. And maybe you probably think the same. But when we talk about keeping your teeth healthy, it takes a lifetime of care. Even if you don’t own the perfect teeth set, you can get them with proper care and use of the best oral products. Though, it's not something you will achieve in a day or two or a week. It takes consistency and mindful habits to accomplish so. 

However, most people suffer from cavities and gum diseases. Experts believe that your oral health reflects your overall body health. This not only causes you to go through a lot of pain but also shatters your self-confidence. One can face challenges in their personal life. 

To help you tackle this, we have curated a list of tips that would definitely help you overcome your bad teeth issues and help you maintain healthy teeth. 

  • Regular Soft Brushing Of Teeth
  • Brushing your teeth daily should be a priority step if you are on your journey for healthier teeth. You should at least brush for two minutes, and that also should be in a gentle manner. Aggressive brushing can damage your teeth and hurt your gums. If you continue to do so, you can also see blood coming from your gums. 

  • Brush Your Teeth Before Going To Bed
  • Never skip night time brushing!

    If you are practicing one-time daily brushing, you might be overlooking the harm you are doing to your oral health. That's why it's essential to brush before going to bed. This removes all the germs and plaque that have been accumulated throughout the day. 

  • Add Fluoride In Your Routine
  • Although some people do not prefer fluoride, it will always have a mainstay when talking about oral health. This element is known for acting as a barrier to help fight cavities and gum diseases. So, you must check if your toothpaste has fluoride or not. 

  • Floss At Least Once In A Day
  • Removing plaque can be difficult between the teeth with only brushing as your oral care. Along with this, you must floss to remove the bacteria and plaque from the unreachable area in your teeth. It also keeps a check on your bad breath. 

  • Don't Ignore Your Tongue
  • If you are ignoring your tongue and not cleaning it, there are chances that all your oral care and effort might go in vain. Along with teeth, the tongue is also a part of your mouth and a home for plaque accumulation. 

  • Start Using Mouthwash
  • Many advertisements show why mouthwash is beneficial for oral health. Still, people fail to understand this and neglect its use. However, considering mouthwash for regular cleaning can help you get rid of the acidic formation in the mouth and remineralizer your teeth. 

  • Visit Your Dentist Twice A Year
  • When people hear "dentist," they probably start panicking even if they are now adults. Therefore, most of them don't want to visit their dentists. However, getting your mouth checked by a dentist can help you remove calculus and introspect any cavities or diseases penetrating inside your mouth. Make sure you take out time to visit your dentist at least two times a week. 

  • Keep A Check On Sugar & Acidic Food Intake
  • Your mama must have asked you not to eat many chocolates, or you will get a cavity. Yes, she is right. Sugary and acidic food or beverages can have adverse dental health impacts. It is recommended to limit your sugar intake to maintain healthy teeth. 

  • Replace Your Toothbrush If It Wears Out
  • To get a clean mouth, your brush must be in proper shape. You can see worn-out bristles of your toothbrush after using it for more than three months. Replace it as soon as you find any sign. 

  • Quit Smoking And Drinking Habits
  • If you have smoking habits or you regularly intake alcohol, there are chances that you can experience teeth staining and gum problems from mild to severe. Dental experts show concern for these habits as these can lead to more serious issues like oral cancer and tooth loss. 

  • Keep A Healthy Diet
  • A healthy diet with more crunchy fruits and vegetables and less sweetened food should be preferred if you want to maintain a healthy set of teeth. This not only benefits your teeth but also keeps your body healthy. 

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