How To Brush Your Teeth And Floss With Braces

by Kim Sian on Jan 28, 2022

How To Brush Your Teeth And Floss With Braces

Wearing braces can make you less confident while flashing a smile. Maybe the reason is the plaque that has been accumulated around them, and probably you don’t know how to remove them. 

Before talking about the methods, know that brushing and flossing are important after every meal. With your braces on during the treatment, you don’t want to have unhealthy teeth and gums. 

Yes, it’s easier to remove plaque when your teeth are straightened, but getting your brush into difficult parts is somewhat challenging. Moreover, the chewed food gets more space to get trapped into the braces. Choosing the best electric toothbrush and oral care products can help you in this case. 

We will now move forward with sharing the right way to brush your teeth with braces. Don’t skip floss. Flossing should be done once a day after brushing and can help you cover the hard-to-reach parts usually missed by a brush. So we are not going to skip flossing, and neither should you. 

Brushing Your Teeth With Braces 

We would recommend you to use the ultrasonic toothbrush and gum detoxify toothpaste for best results. You can also use a small interproximal brush for proper cleaning under the wires and around the brackets. 

Follow these steps to get started with the right way to brush your teeth while having your braces on. 

  1. The very first step would be removing the elastics or bands of the orthodontic appliances you are using. 
  2. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Then start cleaning around the wires and pins, but carefully.
  3. Follow a very consistent cleaning. Brush each wire in a top to bottom circulation. Don’t forget to brush the upper and lower teeth. 
  4. Make sure you are spending at least two minutes brushing. Never skip brushing before going to bed. 
  5. Finally, rinse and rinse. Check on any left-out food particles trapped in your braces using a mirror. 

Once you are done brushing and ensuring that no left-outs are present in your teeth, proceed to floss for better cleaning.

Flossing Your Teeth With Braces 

For flossing, you can choose any method or product, be it traditional flossing or using a Waterpik or oral irrigator. Just make sure you are flossing no matter what. 

People often prefer a traditional floss method. We have enlisted the steps to use them in the proper manner. 

  1. Get a piece of floss that is 20 to 22 inches long.
  2. Start threading the floss around and between the main wire of your braces and your teeth. Do it in front of a mirror.
  3. Use your index fingers to wrap the ends of the floss for a better hold on it. 
  4. Slide the floss in an up and down motion between the teeth area but in a gentle manner. 
  5. Unthread the floss after removing it from behind the wire. Repeat this process until all pairs of teeth are done. 

All you have to ensure is you are doing it calmly and gently, and you are good to go!

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