by Kim Sian on Feb 07, 2022


Aging means your body tends to become weaker, with tender bones and teeth. Eventually, the teeth fall off. But that is not a concern. Most people in their older phases have to go through it. 

But this does not mean you now have freedom from the daily basic activities. Oral hygiene is important regardless. Be it using oral care products or consulting your dentist twice a year, you can’t afford to skip any. 

Not a new thing to know, but your mouth is filled with bacteria and they can cause several problems and infections if not removed properly. And, this is not only applicable for senior citizens but for every human despite their ages. 

Oral Health Problems in Older Adults

  • Exposed roots,
  • Xerostomia, or dry mouth,
  • Root disease, and
  • Uneven jawbone.
One of the primary issues in aging adults, whether it is about oral health or their general health, is comorbidity. These are complex symptoms that can worsen the condition. For example, tooth decay makes it challenging to eat fruits and vegetables for them, exacerbating other issues such as diabetes.
Similarly, for many seniors, dry mouth is a concern, increasing the potential for decay and infection because saliva contains antimicrobial components, not to mention minerals, to help rebuild enamel. As a result, a lack of saliva can break down teeth and lead to cavities, infection, and potential tooth loss.

By practicing reasonable oral hygiene care solutions you can overcome these serious issues.

  • Use Antibacterial Mouthwash
  • Plaque and germs in the mouth can lead to gum diseases, and loss of teeth. Older people who have lost their teeth entirely or partially should always use mouthwash with antibacterial properties twice a day to help prevent any dental problems.

    • Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

    You should give up habits like smoking cigarettes, using any tobacco products, and especially high-sugar items. These can directly affect your overall oral health as well as body health. Such habits can also intuitively affect the structure of a person's jaw.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated
  • Older adults should drink an adequate amount of water daily, especially if they take prescription medications, as they cause a lot of dryness in the mouth.

  • Consult the Dentist
  • Older people are primarily dependent on other family members. Still, in this scenario, you should not let them do it themselves, take them to a certified dentist for a thorough and regular check-up, or hire a professional caregiver. 

  • Clean Your Dentures Regularly
  • Aged people with no teeth should not try whitening toothpaste tubes or any other abrasive products on their dentures. These products can leave unremovable scratches that can later harm or easily let the bacteria come in. 

    Mouthwash can be an excellent option for aged people without teeth; they can add this to their daily oral hygiene care routines. 

    Wrapping Up 

    Older adults should take care of their dental hygiene. Ensure a proper dental routine. This can be easily achieved by visiting your dentist regularly and quitting all unhealthy habits. You will not see results overnight, but positive steps prepare the ground for a positive outcome.

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