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The Best Vital Proteins Come From Grass Fed Bovine

Posted by SOL STRONG on
The Best Vital Proteins Come From Grass Fed Bovine

With all the news and diets on Keto, Paleo and Gluten Free, we all know the focus is on increasing your protein.  But with all the hormones and growth promotants in majority of store bought proteins, it's hard to increase your protein without causing other issues in your health.

With SOL Strong collagen peptides we manufacture one of the best collagen peptides available.  Making sure our products are growth promotant free, hormone free, rgbh free, gluten free, Keto friendly and Paleo friendly and also Kosher.

Not only do you feel good after consuming SOL Strong collagen peptides, you start to look good.  For some people it's immediate and for some it takes a little while but keep going because it's working from the inside out.

Most of our clients are ages 40-80 years young but this can be helpful for everyone.  Collagen reserves start to deplete as we age and we don't get enough from our normal diet so, including this as a supplement daily, in the morning and the evening gives you the extra collagen intake required by your body. This helps to not only supplement your collagen intake but also starts to rebuild your collagen from the inside out.

These are some of the benefits of collagen peptides we have seen with some of our trusted clients:

- improved skin elasticity

- younger looking skin (wrinkles start to disappear)

- more energy

- better digestion

- better sleep

- joints are less painful

- recovery time after operations and workouts have been quicker

- teeth not as sensitive

- bone healing is quicker and in fact appear to be stronger 

- body builders have found it helps to increase muscles 

- used with a detox program helped to cleanse the colon

- improve focus 

- controls appetite

- boosts metabolism

The list continues as we all have different bodies and each person has different needs, collagen peptides has a different positive affect on everyone.

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