Tips To Use Trendy Pampas Grass In Your Home Decor

by Kim Sian on Feb 03, 2022

Tips To Use Trendy Pampas Grass In Your Home Decor

The Internet has been flooding with the new obsession among people for pampas grasses. It is one of the newest and biggest decorations trends not only because people are creating hype out of it but also the modern looks it adds to the whole arena. 

Whether it's wheat-toned or a black bunny tail plant, when it is a pampas grass, it has to be a surefire way to add elegance to your home interior. 

Why are people going crazy over the pampas grass decor? It's just dried grass, after all!

Yes, you might be wondering the same. But we can help you with an apt explanation to feed your curiosity. The waving grasses with lush, feathery and undeniable charisma explains more than being just grass. Whether you prefer a contemporary style or you want a dramatic shade, pampas grass decor complements all. You can get one for your modern home decor to add fluff and texture to your minimal white walls. Also, pair it with vibrant colors and add heights to the mood of your place. 

If you are still confused, we are here to share a few eye-popping ways to encourage your creativity and make a rustic-meets-modern statement. 

 DIY A Floral Bouquet

Who doesn't love flowers? A floral bouquet can be very pleasing for addition at home. Bouquets with fresh flowers may seem and smell the best but are no longer in use in a day or two. 

People who look for a permanent floral arrangement at their homes can swap to dried floral bouquets. Why?

Because they last longer and look the same as day one. And what better can be than a pampas grass decor bouquet paired with colorful dried flowers.

Add Pampas To The Tablescapes

A dining room table looks incomplete without a tablescape. Put a few stalks of pampas grass in a vase, and you are ready for the minimal flair. 

Keep it neutral, with a few bold accents to the all-white. Beige and soft browns or moody browns will add a gentle texture to this space of your home. 

Pampas Adds Warmth To Your Bedroom 

If you are going for a subtle look for your bedroom, make it look more minimalist by warming up with oversized vases and stalks of large pampas grass decor. Place it on any side of the bed or use it as a nightstand next to you to get a cozy feel. 

Go for subtle tones with combined neutral palettes for the finest modern elegance. 

Create a Hanging Cloud Out Of Pampas 

Holidays can never be embraced without the proper decoration at your home. Hanging plants can be a great idea to "wow" your guests this winter. If you are unsure about a Christmas tree, add a hanging pampas cloud to your must-have list. 

Go for any color tones you would like to. Also, combine it with dried, colorful flowers or just keep it neutral. 

Design Your Holiday Pampas Wreath

 With the other decor items, don't forget to add one of the front doors. Welcome your guests with a pampas wreath combined with colorful lights. Whether it is Christmas on the corner, or Halloween and Thanksgiving, you can choose from the best ones, beige or any other, to create a DIY holiday pampas wreath. 

All you need to do is get some stalks of your favorite pampas grass decor and attach them with twine or florist wire using a hot glue gun. 

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