Top Tips To Avoid Teeth Sensitivity With An Electric Toothbrush

by Kim Sian on Feb 04, 2022

Top Tips To Avoid Teeth Sensitivity With An Electric Toothbrush

Have you ever gone through the pain of tooth sensitivity? Do you feel a certain ache or sensation while having your favorite ice cream?

If the answer is YES, then indeed, you are not alone. 

According to various dental experts, it is a pervasive problem nowadays, especially for the youth who usually eat or drink junk food. People who suffer from this live in constant fear, and as a result, they are likely to avoid hot and cold beverages and food. 

There are many reasons for tooth sensitivity, but one of the common reasons is the ignorant attitude of the people towards this issue. This can be tackled with the proper use of automatic toothbrushes and gums detoxifying toothpaste to clean your gums and teeth gently. Here, the best electric toothbrush can cater to your oral health needs. We have mentioned some quick ways to enhance the gleam of your teeth and reduce toothache with the help of the best electric toothbrushes!

  • Use A Flexible Electric Toothbrush
  • The best electric toothbrush should be able to cover all over your mouth area. The toothbrush handle should be long enough that you can comfortably hold it in your hand. For most adults, a toothbrush head should be half an inch wide for the most effective use. However, there are many toothbrushes with large heads available, but they are difficult to maneuver to clean some hard-to-reach areas, such as the sides and back of your molars.

  • Make Sure It Has Sufficient Power
  • Often the charging module for batteries will indicate whether they are charged or not via LED or status symbol on the charging unit. Charging more frequently will refill the battery for more than a few hours. There are many different types of rechargeable battery units, so this may not be applicable in your particular one, so refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual wherever needed.

  • Ask For The Expert Recommendations

  • Ask your dentist for a recommendation if your automatic toothbrush has undergone rigorous quality control tests for cleaning effectiveness and safety. Or look for manual or powered toothbrushes that have earned the seal of approval.

  • Never Use Vigorously
  • If you brush too vigorously, it can damage your gums and teeth. In that case, a powered automatic toothbrush can make it easier for you to be gentle on your gums and teeth and clean them simultaneously.

  • Be Patient With The Results
  • Brushing your teeth only with an ultrasonic toothbrush will not give you positive results. You have to be patient to get good results; otherwise, panic will provide you with nothing but stress and confusion. So, you should wait for the time when the electric toothbrush makes your teeth completely healthy and gleaming.

    Summing Up

    Best electric toothbrushes effectively remove plaque, especially with rotation features in both directions or 'oscillating' heads. It keeps avoiding any tooth decay or gum diseases. Many dentists have found that people who have been using electric toothbrushes over a long period have healthier gums than those who use manual toothbrushing methods.

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