Simple Tips To Kick-Start Your Health Journey Today

by Kim Sian on Jan 27, 2022

Simple Tips To Kick-Start Your Health Journey Today

Getting started with a healthy lifestyle can be somewhat challenging, no matter if it's your first time or you are getting back to it after a long break.

We all have been there. Making resolutions to kick-off our new year with a new lifestyle and breaking it just after having delicious yet "high-calorie" food. It's not as easy as it seems. Easier to say than to stick to.

Basically, every failed life goal has a lack of motivation and procrastination. To deal with these, you must find the space, to be honest about your unhealthy living style. Understand the challenge and the reason behind the hindrance to your fitness journey. 

Whether you have skipped the gym for a year or so or haven't made it to the gym ever in life, we will help you with some tips that are certainly going to benefit you. 

Set Your Goals For Your Health Journey 

Jotting down your goals and devising a plan to achieve them should be the initial step towards your fitness journey. Never underestimate the power of penning down your concrete goals and plans. Being honest about why you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle can motivate you every time you lose your patience. 

To start with "getting healthy", you can form a goal planner and list your calendar according to it. Always ensure you are making efforts to block time for your planned schedule.

Limit Your Cravings 

Saying NO to junk food can be a great footfall in your fitness journey. There will be times when you won't be able to resist your cravings, but that should not stop you from achieving your best body. 

Street food and drinks are high in calories and add up to your unhealthy living of style. 

Even if you have started doing your planned exercises and following the planned steps, if you have not put a brake on your unhealthy food eating, everything will be in vain. 

Understanding Your Body Needs And Nutrition

You can fuel your fitness journey by understanding the requirements of your body and what suits you best to achieve your body goal. For this, educating yourself on nutrition can give you an overall idea of what to practice and what not. A balanced diet with enough protein and fiber is sound for a healthy diet. 

Moreover, you can add collagen protein powder as a regular intake to boost your health ride. Recently introduced as one of the most critical add-ons in one's diet, collagen powder benefits your overall health.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise - But With Rest 

Exercise should not be seen as a chore but as a reward for your body with the right diet. You can look out for your favorite workouts and tone your body with what you actually like. A workout partner would be a nice company. You can also get a personal trainer who can guide you through. Moreover, you can find different styles of exercise like practicing any sports, classes and training programs. 

Yes, exercise is necessary but resting your body is more. So never skip your body rest in this journey. Adequate sleep should be a priority, not an option. 

Early Bird Habits 

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." 

This is a famous saying when we talk about the ideal habits a human body must incorporate. Waking up early has several advantages. It not only refreshes your mind but also improves your overall well-being. This will move your body in a better place both mentally and physically. 

Moreover, you will have enough time for your daily health activities if you wake up early. So, there will be no space for complaining, "you didn't get time". 

Let's Wrap Up 

Start with one baby step every day as too many goals can be a lot for your body and can be overwhelming and tiresome. Go with the basics first, and choose the health plan that you most like. 

Just remember this, "Right balance is a much needed approach towards a healthy body."



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